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  • Kangaroo stew

    Kangaroo Stew

    We chose Kangaroo because the nutritional profile is amazing. It is much higher in protein and the good Omega-3 fatty acids, iron, zinc, B-12 and other nutrient over other game meats. But if you can’t food “roo” then make this with any grass fed meats such as lamb, bison, elk, boar, venison etc. Substitute what you enjoy but aim for the best quality, cleanest protein you can afford.

    The next secret to this stew is to add as much variety of color from vegetables and to use twice as many veggies as meat so you end up with a product that is more ph balanced. Meats by their nature are more acidic and veggies by nature are more alkaline. When combined in a stew you end up with a meal that will help to support your body’s ideal ph range.

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Hormone Health

  • mother daughter

    Low Estrogen Levels Can Lead to Premature Death & Benefits of Bio-identical Estrogen

    Yes, you read that right! If you are a women living with fears about taking estrogen replacement therapy …listen up! In fact, you men need to listen up,too!!

    This news impacts your wife or partner or maybe even your mom. These recent and significant studies validate the benefits of bio-identical hormone therapy – and describe the tragic toll that reaction to the famous WHI study has taken on women’s health.

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