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Food & Supplements

  • Summer Peach smoothie

    Summer Peach Smoothie

    It’s the season for sweet, summer juicy peaches! Head to your favorite Farmers Market [...]

Wellness Tips

  • avocadochixsalad

    Paleo Herb Chicken Salad in Avocado Cups

    Doc and I encourage all of our clients to follow a gluten free, paleo type diet ( no added grains) to help keep blood sugar levels low and steady all day. This recipe gives you a healthy dose of colorful carbs, healthy fats from the avocado along with lean protein to fuel you through your active day. Enjoy and share it widely so others can enjoy this simple meal or snack!

Hormone Health

  • b-cancer

    A Mother Daughter Journey to Finding Hormone Balance

    I have always been an insanely positive person. Always. Then menopause hit, and my journey to finding my way back to happiness began. I have always been a very well read woman when it comes to female issues. I have had many friends describe their symptoms during menopause and felt I was well prepared for when it hit me. I was wrong. My journey continued for at least 5 long years until I finally felt like myself again.

    I had been to 3 different OB GYN’s, a family practice Dr., a therapist, (just one visit to diagnose me with ADHD), all with no luck. Here were my symptoms: lack of energy, a feeling of being overwhelmed at all times, weight gain, sadness, and the biggest disappointment was finally being in a place where I knew we, (my family) should all be happy and not being happy.

Test Your Health

  • NWHW-button-125x125

    5 Tests that are Key to Assess a Woman’s Bone, Breast, Heart and Hormone Health

    National Women’s Health Week is celebrated from May 11-17th. Beginning with Mother’s Day, we encourage the women in our lives to get these five test done to help women assess their metabolic, bone, breast and hormone health. How many of these tests have you had done in the past 2 years? Read more to see why they are so critical to your health and well-being.

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