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    Restaurant Dining: How to Make Healthier Choices

    ome of you reading this post may eat out several times a week, and some of you enjoy restaurants only on certain occasions. Either way, eating out can often be a trigger to overindulge with larger portion of calorie-laden foods. Here are some ways that you can make smarter choices when dining out at a restaurant.

Wellness Tips

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    Carrageenan:Could this common additive be the “cause” of your belly fat or belly pains?

    Carrageenan is a derived from certain types of red algae and….. used as a thickening agent, stabilizer, and emulsifier, meaning that it helps keep mixed ingredients from separating. It is often used in dairy-based foods, like ice cream, yogurt, cottage cheese, half & half, cream, chocolate milk, some alternative milks like rice almond, soy, and coconut milks, ….and baby “formulas.” It has been shown …to causes inflammation, ulcerations and malignancies in the gastrointestinal tract.

Hormone Health

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    Avoiding Estrogen Can Lead to Premature Death in Women

    Yes, you read that right! If you are a women living with fears about taking estrogen replacement therapy …listen up! In fact, you men need to listen up,too!!

    This news impacts your wife or partner or maybe even your mom. These recent and significant studies validate the benefits of bio-identical hormone therapy – and describe the tragic toll that reaction to the famous WHI study has taken on women’s health.

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